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Welcome to the site of poet Emily Isaacson's book 

Snowflake Princess . . .

This book of prose-poetry by Canadian poet Emily Isaacson is a tribute book and recounts the journey into the divine by the naturalist and the philosopher.

This story is told in myth, but is inspired by a true story.

Also on this site, a tribute page, news article, and message from

author Emily Isaacson. 



Author Emily Isaacson with Carol Todd at Snowflake book launch, in June 2013.

After the break special guest Carol Todd shared her passion to help kids deal with the realities of  their cyber-world. She told us how she was taking a year out of her life as a long-time advocate for kids (she’s a special needs teacher) to advocate for her daughter (Amanda Todd) whose death after unbearable bullying was eight months from the night of the reading.

Emily’s book, Snowflake Princess, was especially significant to her because “Princess Snowflake” was the playful nickname she called Amanda. Carol reminded us how appropriate a snowflake is in describing our children and teens, with their beauty, uniqueness, and fragility.

Nicholas Roberts introduced Emily, after which she launched her book Snowflake Princess by reading selections from this prose-poetry book.

The poems employ various voices: Ivory—the Snowflake Princess;  Ebony—her mother and a young naturalist and poet; and the Philosopher—Ivory’s father (latter selections read by Brayden Sawatzky).   The poems delve into tragedy and suffering, and seek to find their meaning through poetry and symbolism.