Snowflake Princess

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Message From the Author

Snowflake Princess delves into the questions of life that all teens face: what is the spiritual self? How must I journey to find my destiny and my true self? What will I live for and die for?

This book, in its creation, highlights some central characters in a world where cruelty and kindness co-exist. Snowflake Princess is a tale in prose-poetry about a young girl named Ivory, and her mother Ebony: the naturalist's world as a photographer, her journey around the lake, her detainment in a hospital, and her death.

This vivid capture of the soul is a window into the human mind. It is a testament to survival and the redemptive power of suffering. It shows us that the way to death and the way to life exist on the same road. It portrays the members of family in a healing relationship and believes in the existence of support and community.

When we see our frailty, our humanness in our world today, and witness the suffering of others, do we turn away, or come alongside the person so they can recover and heal? Do we want to become better people for what we have gone through? We must choose how we will respond.

This book delves into the negative mind, and its power, while at the same time portraying the inner child, the dilemma of will, and the death of a young woman--affecting her family and those around her. Her life and legacy, however, pay tribute to the person she was. She chose to live life to the fullest, and her story grips us. 

Emily Isaacson

 Praise for Snowflake Princess:

Snowflake Princess is a wonderful book of prose-poetry in which Emily Isaacson walks with you through the beauty of nature with a unique exhilarating perception as any anxiety you have melts away. She takes you on a peaceful journey through heavenly realms with the Divine as you discover purpose and meaning for your life. Snowflake Princess takes the painful tragedies of life and turns them into triumph as her colorful words dance off the pages and fill your heart with healing better than any physician . . .  Reading this magnificent book will calm the storms in your life!   

 --Preston Bailey, PhD. Psychologist

Praise for House of Rain

Having just discovered Emily Isaacson's work, I can truthfully say I am now a fan for life! Emily is a wordsmith who captures emotion with her pen as an artist captures colour with her brush. Her poems stirred my heart and caused me to stop and ponder. And isn't that what poetry should do...  

--Lianna Klassen

  Singer, Songwriter

    About the Author

Emily Isaacson is founder and director of Holistic Vision Canada, and has written two books around the theme of mental health and its healing within the family and community. She is a postmodern poet and author, as well as nutritionist, and lives in the Fraser Valley.

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